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How to Become a Great Leader, Manager, and Mentor

Rise to the Top has been called The New Master Blueprint of Sales Leadership. It is an easy to read, step by step guidebook for managers to:
  • Become an effective Sales Leader, Manager, and Mentor
  • Work with Millennials, Tenured, and New Sales Professionals
  • Motivate seasoned sales reps
  • Refresh their management skills

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Rise to the Top

Guide to great salesmanship

Are you interested in becoming the best you can?  This book  gives you edge to sell yourself to others in a professional way that communicates your message so that you are effective - either in a business environment or social.

Dean Gould's book, "The Greatest Sales Book Ever Written" is full of ideas to sell yourself as you have never thought before.  This is just not a sales book, but a book that helps you communicate with others effectively.  Try this sales book - you will benefit from it.

30% of profits go for research
to find cures for cancer

Wish to know how to be happy in life?

Try this happiness book
"A Simple Guide to Happiness and Success"

By Dean Gould

edited by Paul Sharpe

Find out why women stay with an Abusive Husband

This book, It Could Happen to Anyone - Why Battered Women Stay,
by Alyce LaViolette and Ola Barnett, explains it all

This is the greatest collection of bedtime short stories for kids that will last for months

This book, Thomas' 100 Cat Tales,
by Dwayne Sharpe, has it all

Financial Planning

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