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Paul Sharpe and his volunteer work in Long Beach.

Paul Sharpe volunteers for Domestic Violence Prevention for kidsPaul Norman Sharpe has lived most of his life in Long Beach, attending elementary, Junior High, and graduating from Long Beach Poly High.  He graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a Bachelors in Math, served in the U.S. Navy, got his second degree from Cal State Long Beach in Business Administration, and worked as a computer programmer, manager, and consultant for Carter Hawley Hale Stores (The Broadway).
Paul Sharpe is fortunate, because of his wife Marianne, to be able to quit work in 2000 to be a stay at home dad for their daughter Jessica.  Since then, he has committed his free time to doing volunteer work for domestic violence prevention and treatment organizations.  In addition, he has volunteered as the webmaster for the Synagogue Shul By The Shore until 2014.
He started his volunteer work being the handyman for the Women Shelter of Long Beach, receiving their Volunteer of the Year Award in 2003.
From June, 2006 to August, 2011, he volunteered for the Child Abuse Response Team (CART), sponsored by For the Child.  Paul went to hospitals to advocate for sexually abused children during the Forensic Nurse examination, Police investigation, and parent concerns.  A part of this is informing the parents it is usually best for the child get treatment to deal with the abuse because of its long term affects.
January, 2005 to January 2018, he was a board member of End Abuse Long Beach, the organization that provides monthly forums on Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment.  He wore three hats - Program Chair, Membership Chair, and Webmaster.
As a person knowledgeable in computer technology, he donates his time to develop and maintain three websites for domestic violence organizations in Long Beach.  As more people use the internet, they are able to have a ready resource for their Domestic Violence needs in the Long Beach area.

But Paul Sharpe found his true passion in 2001 when he volunteered for End Child Abuse Long Beach (previously Long Beach ALIVE).  He has taught over 3,000 4th and 5th grade students in the Long Beach Unified School District about child abuse.  He feels great satisfaction in delivering three messages.  First, there are alternatives to beating when dispensing punishment.  This alerts the kids to get help now, and later to be better parents.  Second, anyone touching a child in their private parts is against the law.  Third, to Break the Silence, there are lots of people to turn to for help.
Paul is looking forward to the years ahead by continuing to help kids in Long Beach and has a goal of growing the EndChildAbuseLB's audience by getting into all of our Long Beach 4th and 5th  grade classrooms.

In 2007 Paul Sharpe received the End Abuse Long Beach "Child Proctection Advocacy Award."
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From 2011 to 2013, he and his family lived in Paris, France, as his wife was assigned to Disneyland Paris, but kept up his Board duties.

In January, 2015, Paul received the Appreciation Award from

Currently Paul is collecting his retirement from CHH and Social Security, taking care of his wife and daughter, enjoying his Domestic Violence Prevention volunteer work, practicing veganism, and working out.